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Gold in Skincare Products: Good or Bad?

If you’re at your local drug store looking at the new makeup products, chances are you are looking for something that will bring life to your face. Many products today offer a glimmering sheen, making you appear as if you are twinkling with gold. While this might work out well for your big night at

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Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures for Men 2012

Male patients continued to head to Dr. Kevin Sadati’s Newport Beach practice in 2012, requesting cosmetic surgery procedures to help them look younger and feel better about themselves. As more Orange County men realize the value that plastic surgery can have in their own lives, they start to research the different procedures available to them.

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Procedures to Compliment Your Facelift

A facelift is a wonderful cosmetic procedure designed to take years off of your face, but that doesn’t mean it can provide you the all-around new look you were hoping for after your operation. Many patients have found that a combination of cosmetic procedures will truly give them the results that they want. Dr. Kevin

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What is facial fat grafting?

It is only natural that as you get older you start to want to look younger again. Your calendar might say you are in your 50s, your face might show that you are in your 60s and your heart might feel like you are in your 40s still. However, not everyone is interested in traditional

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Facelift and Eyelid Surgery on the Rise

Combination plastic surgery procedures are trending in Newport Beach and Orange County, with the facelift and eyelid surgery combination being one of the most popular blends. Dr. Kevin Sadati notes that many patients want to get the maximum impact during one operation, which is why these combination procedures are increasing in popularity. As a board

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3 Procedures to Look Your Best

With modern advances in science and medicine plastic surgery procedures can literally turn the clock back on your appearance five, ten, or even fifteen years. Good candidates for work on your face are healthy men and women from their mid-30s to early 70s with specific goals about the results and their expectations for recovery. Plenty

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