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3 Procedures to Look Your Best



3 Procedures to Look Your Best

With modern advances in science and medicine plastic surgery procedures can literally turn the clock back on your appearance five, ten, or even fifteen years. Good candidates for work on your face are healthy men and women from their mid-30s to early 70s with specific goals about the results and their expectations for recovery. Plenty of time should be allotted for recovery since a facelift is a major surgical procedure.

Here are three ways a face procedure can help you regain some of that lost youth:

  1. Facelift: in the past, facelifts only tightened the skin around existing bone structure. Today, surgeon actually removes excess skin that has lost its elasticity resulting in a longer lasting and more youthful appearance.

  2. Cheek and Chin Augmentation: there are many ways a surgeon can change the underlying structure of the chin and cheeks. Fat grafting and implant techniques can heighten the cheekbones and enhance the chin profile, leading to a higher degree of facial symmetry.

  3. Ear Surgery: known as an Otoplasty, ear surgeries can re-shape misshapen ears and restore natural balance in relation to the face.

After your procedures are performed, there are maintenance steps that you can take to ensure your new visage lasts as long as possible. The surgeon will give you specific instruction for recovery and ongoing care of your skin and face. While any one of these procedures will help you look younger, there are a few ways you can embark on such an important decision.

Many people decide on radical changes and opt to have everything done at one time. Integrating multiple procedures does have its advantages. First, it reduces recovery time. Because all the procedures are performed at the same time, only one recovery period is necessary. Second, the results are faster. Instead of waiting months for one procedure to heal before beginning another, the results of the surgeries will present sooner for a more dramatic effect.

Whichever procedure you decide to get, make sure to talk to a board-certified facial plastic surgeon about your goals and dreams. For further information please contact Dr. Kevin Sadati located in Newport Beach, Orange County (877) 568-6202.