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Facelift and Eyelid Surgery on the Rise



Facelift and Eyelid Surgery on the Rise

Combination plastic surgery procedures are trending in Newport Beach and Orange County, with the facelift and eyelid surgery combination being one of the most popular blends. Dr. Kevin Sadati notes that many patients want to get the maximum impact during one operation, which is why these combination procedures are increasing in popularity. As a board certified facial plastic surgeon who has been operating on patients for more than a decade, Dr. Sadati has the skills, experience and knowledge to perform two procedures during one operation.

Many patients find that  a facelift procedure or an eyelid surgery alone, will not complete the refreshed and rejuvenated look that they want. While a facelift might eliminate the lines and wrinkles on their face, they may still appear tired around their eyes. An eyelid surgery might provide a fresh look around the eyes, but without a facelift to complement it this surgery does not provide extremely drastic results. Dr. Sadati has extensive knowledge of both of these operations, and he has the ability to perform them at the same time without compromising the integrity of the end results.

These combination procedures offer several other benefits. For instance, patients will be able to have two procedures done at once but still only spend about 7-10 days recovering after the operation. Only the best, most highly-skilled surgeons, can accomplish this feat. Dr. Sadati uses the most advanced technology as well as the latest surgical techniques to provide patients with amazing results. As with any of his cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Sadati takes the time to get to know each patient so that he can provide them with natural-looking results. His goal is for patients to leave the operating room looking like a younger version of themselves, rather than completely different people.

Procedures like the facelift and eyelid surgery combination also are cost effective. Patients can get the benefits of two procedures without paying twice for the facility fee, anesthesia and surgeon. In addition, they will not need to take additional time off of work simply because they are  two procedures performed. Between a short recovery time and less administrative fees, the combination procedures have a tendency to be a better option for patients who are looking to get the most bang for their buck.

This option is ideal for people who are in their middle ages and starting to show signs of aging on their face. It’s a great way to set back the clock and slow down the aging process in the future. For more information about the facelift procedure, eyelid surgery and other combination options, patients should set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Sadati. The consultation  is an opportunity for unsure patients to meet  the surgeon to discuss their goals of  the operation, as well as ask any questions regarding the procedure. Dr. Sadati makes an effort to work directly with the patient to create a customized surgical plan designed specifically for them.