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How to Find a Facelift Expert in California

Dr Kevin Sadati - Newport Beach RhinoplastyIf you have decided that now is the time to have a facelift done in order to regain your youth, you will want to be sure to find an expert facial plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. A facelift has the ability to take up to 10 years off of your face and allow you to appear naturally beautiful, but not every cosmetic surgeon can accomplish this task. If you have decided that this is the right surgery for you, you will want to invest the time and resources necessary to finding the best cosmetic surgeon available.

Patients living in Orange County know that they can go to Dr. Kevin Sadati to get the exact type of results they are looking for out of a facelift procedure. Dr. Sadati is a facelift expert — not only does he perform the surgery often with exact skill and precision, but he also works to pioneer new techniques. He wants to ensure that patients at his Newport Beach practice get the best possible results, and he is committed to improving his skill and the industry. Dr. Sadati has earned a lot of respect for this innovative mindset in the cosmetic surgery industry, but the opinions that truly count are that of his patients. Through word of mouth, Dr. Sadati’s reputation has spread across all of California.

One little known fact about Dr. Sadati is that he is not only a board certified facial plastic surgeon, but he is also an artist. During his tenure in medical school, Dr. Sadati also went to art school classes. He is passionate about art, but this also brings a unique perspective to the operating room. He views every surgery he performs as a work of art, and with true appreciation for the human form, Dr. Sadati provides results that you cannot find anywhere else.

As you continue your search for an expert to perform your facelift, remember it is important to do your own personal research. You will want to know what procedure types are available to you, and you will want to view before and after photographs, to see what the doctor’s work looks like in the end. The first consultation appointment is very important as it will be your first chance to  sit down and have a conversation with the surgeon. Make sure you find a surgeon who will give you the results you need, not the results that everyone else receives