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Newport Beach Neck Liposuction

Newport Beach Neck LiposuctionIt is a well known fact that diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight, feel great and be healthy. However, there are some areas of the body that are difficult to work with, and no matter how much you diet and exercise, the fat will not disappear. One of those hard to reach places is the neck. As the aging process moves forward, gravity takes its toll on the facial skin, and a fatty layer often forms around the neck. This makes the person’s face appear plump, round and quite frankly, older. It is frustrating for the aging person, and it seems like there is nothing you can do to get away from it.

However, Dr. Kevin Sadati has the answer that many people are looking for to address this difficult region. While many people think liposuction is only for problem areas such as the thighs, abdomen and buttocks, the fact of the matter is this procedure can be used in other areas of the body as well — including the neck. As an expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati uses liposuction techniques to remove the fatty layer around the neck. This is one of his most popular anti-aging procedures at his Newport Beach practice, given the fact that it is quick and easy to complete and has a big impact on a person’s appearance.

Neck Liposuction is becoming more popular in Orange County as people realize that, in half an hour, they can look younger and feel better. This surgery addresses one of the most hard-to-reach areas on the body, and it can be done on a person’s lunch break. Dr. Sadati utilizes local anesthesia for this procedure, and on average it can be completed in about half an hour. Once the fatty layer is removed, the person’s face appears slimmer and younger once again. Many people comment that they look almost 10 years younger than they did prior to the surgery.

This is one of the most discrete plastic surgery options available, and there is virtually no recovery time associated with it. The short recovery is possible because Dr. Sadati utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, in the process. The PRP is created from the patient’s own bloodstream and helps the body recovery quickly. It also ensures that the results will last a long time, allowing you to feel young and beautiful for many more years to come.

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