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Newport Beach Revision Facelift

Orange County Revision FaceliftA revision facelift procedure is typically required for two main reasons. For some patients, they had the unfortunate experience of working with an unqualified surgeon for their first facelift procedure. These patients might find that the skin is bunching around their ears or at their hairline, and this is most likely not the look they wanted after their operation was complete. Other patients had  worked with Dr. Kevin Sadati 8-10 years ago, and as is typically with the facelift procedure, they want to have another one completed since the aging process has continued. As a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati is able to provide Orange County patients with the expert results they are looking for out of their revision procedure.

Any revision procedure is more difficult than a primary procedure, and not every surgeon is up to the task. However, Dr. Sadati has a commitment to his patients at his Newport Beach practice, and he will not turn  a revision away because it appears to be too difficult to perform. After an initial consultation appointment, Dr. Sadati creates a custom surgical plan for his patients that outline what needs to be addressed on them as an individual. This is a unique approach, one that is not common in the plastic surgery industry. Dr. Sadati will consider a patient’s facial features, their ethnicity and their personality when doing a facelift. He is known for providing patients with that youthful appearance they were hoping for while at the same time maintaining their natural facial appearance. Patients simply look like they did 10 years ago -, not like they just left a surgeon’s office.

Dr. Sadati appreciates that the aging process is a difficult time for everyone, and he knows that it is vital to look your best in order to feel your best. If you feel that you require a revision procedure for one reason or another, take the time to book an appointment with Dr. Sadati. At this appointment, Dr. Sadati will perform a complete physical and mental health exam, ensuring you are ready for this procedure. Patients not only need to have a realistic expectation for the what the results will be after the surgery is complete, but they also need to have a realistic expectation of the recovery process. For more information on the revision facelift procedure, set up a free consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati.

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Call for a Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation - (866) 349-7477

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