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Dr. Kevin Sadati - Board Certified in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

I had upper and lower eyelid procedures. I had gone to 2 other Dr consultations in Beverly Hills and found Dr Sadati to be remarkably honest with his evaluation and so very thorough.


Dr. Sadati performed a revision rhinoplasty eight weeks ago. I also had breathing problems which were also addressed in the surgery. I am quite happy with the results. The appearance of my nose (...)

Patricia F.

Dr. Sadati is truly the doctor of the ages. During my consultation, he was very attentive, understanding and willing to really work with me and my concerns. His relaxed style and laid back (...)

David A.

Dr. Sadati is a great doctor! I tried hard to find a good doctor with two specialties, ENT and cosmetic surgeon. I had many problems with the performance of my nose (breathing) as well as an (...)


Thank you so much for the work you did on my nose. All of my expectations were met and more! I have always wanted to have my nose fixed, but never felt comfortable enough with any surgeon.

Jane R.

I researched plastic surgeons all over the world. Yes the world hours each day for years and noticed most doctors are extremely conservative and the ones that aren't leave you looking like (...)

Vanessa C.

I had rhinoplasty which left me with an overly scooped bridge. This also made my tip appear more projected than it actually was…


I have always hated my nose, it was big, crooked and did not fit my facial structure. I have a small face so my nose to me looked obnoxiously big.


Dr. Sadati is wonderful! he is truly an artist, and he gave me natural beautiful results! The reason why i chose him was because he was also an ENT doctor


My husband and I searched for months in an effort to find a doctor we could trust, who was skilled, and who we could develop a relationship with.