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Newport Beach Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Orange County Ethnic Nose Job RhinoplastyPatients of many different ethnicities come to Dr. Kevin Sadati to have an ethnic rhinoplasty performed. This is a procedure that is designed to remove a genetic hump or bump that is common in some cultures, as well as reduce the overall size of the nose. However, some facial plastic surgeons take it as an opportunity to eliminate all ethnic features on a person’s face. Dr. Sadati recognizes that ethnicity is an important part of a person’s identity, and this is especially true in Orange County. This is why it is his priority as a surgeon to improve the appearance of a person’s nose without taking  their  ethnic identity.

Instead of eliminating ethnicity at his Newport Beach practice, Dr. Sadati is committed to improving the look of a person’s nose while at the same time highlighting their natural ethnic features. This is a sign of a true expert as many surgeons see ethnicity as a negative feature that needs to be worked against. This is an important distinction to make during your search for a facial plastic surgeon.

For instance, many Middle Eastern patients find that they want to eliminate a hump on their nose or possibly have the size of their nose reduced. While many inexperienced surgeons might craft a new nose that has a scoped dorsum, which is common in Caucasian cultures, Dr. Sadati knows that this would not look natural on a Middle Eastern patient. Instead, he would create a new nose that has a straight dorsum, which is more common in the patient’s own culture. Once the operation is complete, the patient has a natural-looking nose that improves their overall facial harmony.

Dr. Sadati always considers ethnicity as he develops a surgical plan for a patient. During the last decade, he has worked with patients of all different cultures and ethnicities, including Hispanic, African, Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern and Greek patients. Dr. Sadati wants each patient not only love their new nose but be proud of whom they are and their origins. He knows that an ethnic rhinoplasty has the power to both boost self esteem and also boost pride in oneself and one’s heritage. He considers this a unique opportunity that should not be passed up by patients. Patients should have the opportunity to improve their appearance while still maintaining their ethnic features, which are an important part of their identity.

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