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Orange County Male Rhinoplasty

Orange County Male RhinoplastyPeople of all shapes, sizes, cultures, and genders know that the key to feeling good on the inside is being proud of whom you are on the outside. Sometimes, a cosmetic surgery is just what a person needs in order to feel confident and youthful once again. For the last decade, Dr. Kevin Sadati has noticed that more and more male patients are interested in plastic surgery procedures. Of all of the different surgical procedures available, men most often request a male rhinoplasty procedure. This is a trend that is being seen across the country as well as in Orange County.

As a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati knows that there are a few aspects of the male rhinoplasty that are unique. For instance, he has a strict minimum age requirement in place for this procedure at his Newport Beach practice. Men must be at least  17 or 18 years old before having a nose job. This is because the male nose is not fully developed until this age. If the surgery is performed before development is complete, the nose will continue to grow. This will not only destroy the improved aesthetics of the nose, but it will also cause structural damage. This more often than not means the patient has to undergo a more complicated revision procedure that has a lengthier recovery time.

Aside from the minimum age requirement, Dr. Sadati recognizes that men have different expectations of rhinoplasty results. While the anatomy of the male face and the female face are not much different, Dr. Sadati knows that men do not necessarily want a petite, small or feminine nose. Improving the nose of a man does not mean that it has to become a weak feature on his face. Dr. Sadati knows that most men are looking for a strong, defined nose that simply looks better than it did prior to the surgery.

Men who are interested in this procedure know that they can come to Dr. Sadati for the results they want. During the first consultation appointment, which is free, men are able to see what their results might look like as Dr. Sadati utilizes state-of-the-art computer imaging technology. They can also discuss their goals and their concerns with the doctor. By the time the appointment is over, Dr. Sadati will have created a custom surgical plan designed to address the needs of his male patient.

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