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Newport Beach Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Newport Beach Non-Surgical RhinoplastyEvery patient is different, and their desires vary based on their lifestyle, their appearance and their personal preferences. While some patients want to have a new and improved look for their nose, they do not necessarily want to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. For patients such as these, Dr. Kevin Sadati offers the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. As a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati feels it is important to provide a variety of different techniques and procedure options to his patients. This way he can service people in the way they want.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure is becoming increasingly popular at his Newport Beach practice. During this procedure, dermal fillers are injected into a person’s nose, allowing Dr. Sadati to reshape and augment it. Dr. Sadati prefers to work with Restylane and RADIESSE, two new fillers on the market today that are the easiest to work with and provide patients with the best results. This procedure is sometimes referred to as an injectable rhinoplasty.

While Restylane and RADIESSE provide Orange County patients with the best results when it comes to dermal fillers, patients need to understand that this procedure provides short-term results. Patients can expect to return for subsequent appointments in order to maintain their new and improved look on their nose. Restylane treatments typically last a couple of months. RADIESSE treatments last for a slightly longer period of time and touch ups need to be done every 6 to 9 months. During your initial consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati, he can outline the pros and cons of dermal fillers and help you decide which treatment option will give you the best results.

Dr. Sadati wants to give patients the results they are looking for and knows that some patients prefer non-surgical techniques. However, no injectable rhinoplasty is going to last forever. Patients who are interested in more permanent results might want to consider a traditional rhinoplasty procedure. Each case is different, and patients who are conflicted about which option they should choose should set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati. At this appointment, he can outline the benefits and risks associated with both types of procedures and help a patient decide which option would work best for him or her. Either way, Dr. Sadati will work to ensure the patient gets natural-looking results that improve the overall appearance of their entire face, allowing them to live their best life.

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