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Orange County Septoplasty SurgeryA deviated septum can cause a multitude of symptoms for a patient who is afflicted with this issue, but it is often misdiagnosed. This leaves people to live in suffering, having difficulty breathing, trouble sleeping and often feeling like they always have a stuffy nose. What many people don’t realize is that a deviated septum can be fixed with a medical surgical procedure, and does not require a cosmetic procedure such as a rhinoplasty. Dr. Kevin Sadati, a board certified facial plastic surgeon has been performing the septoplasty procedure on patients for more than a decade. It is the one true fix for the deviated septum.

The septoplasty is a surgery that fixes structural issues within the nose, and ultimately provides the patient with relief from physical symptoms. However, some Orange County patients have a deviated septum that results in a hump on their nasal bridge. To fix the aesthetic issues associated with a deviated septum, Dr. Sadati would perform a septorhinoplasty at his Newport Beach practice. The septorhinoplasty not only fixes the structure of the nose, but it also improves its appearance, providing patients with the best of both worlds.

During the initial consultation appointment, Dr. Sadati will inform the patient whether he or she requires a traditional septoplasty or the septorhinoplasty procedure. Patients who were born with a deviated septum most often undergo the septoplasty procedure, whereas patients who have a deviated septum as a result of an injury or accident will most likely have a septorhinoplasty. Many inexperienced surgeons might recommend a traditional rhinoplasty to a patient who has been in an accident but without addressing the structural issues the patient’s improved appearance will not last. Eventually, the nose will move back to its crooked position, which is why a septorhinoplasty is required for a true fix.

There are a couple different surgical techniques that are used during this procedure. Some patients will have the deviated portion of their nasal bridge removed completely while others will have the deviated portion reshaped and repositioned in their nose. A custom surgical plan will be created for you by Dr. Sadati at the initial consultation appointment. Your procedure plan will depend on a variety of different factors. Note that other procedures can be completed at the same time, including turbinectomy procedures and endoscopic sinus surgery. Feel free to discuss your options at a free consultation with Dr. Sadati.

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